Play Balloon demo – master the game without risk

Balloon is a popular game among beginners and experienced gamers. It attracts clear interface and rules. Baloon immerses in the atmosphere of childhood with elements of adult free game. It suits users who are fond of dynamic arcades.

Balloon demo game, experience all the benefits of playing for free

Demo version of balloon is designed to explore different tactics and strategies. Especially it is relevant for novice gamers. Provider has developed the possibility of games for real and virtual funds. This is the main difference mode. Otherwise, they are identical.

Gamer after betting real money will not be confused by the buttons and continue to play in the familiar atmosphere. The gambler is also limited in withdrawals. When betting real money, he can withdraw them to the chosen method. Demo mode does not give such an opportunity.

Balloon demo, how to play? 

In front of the gamer begins to inflate a balloon of blue color, when holding the purple key. It is placed on the right side of the screen. Together with the inflating balloon is an increase in the odds of the bet.

The growth continues during the period of pressing the start button. As soon as the coefficient reaches the value that is needed, it releases the button. The withdrawal of the winnings takes place. It goes to the individual account of the gamer. If the ball bursts, and the player did not release the play – the deposit is burned.

The gambler can take advantage of bonus rounds. Suddenly, balls appear in front of him. He chooses one of them and gets a nice prize. It is not necessary to guess which one contains a bonus. It is located in each element.

Balloon by Smartsoft free demo game

Consider the difference between demo mode and playing at an online casino in a quick game. The gambler does not need to deposit his own money and go through registration. He logs on to the official source and enjoys the opportunity to spend virtual credits.

Playing in demo balloon allows you to check all the available features. Before starting, experienced gamers recommend to study the interface and work out the speed of response. He does not necessarily need to spend his own funds for leisure activities. It is identical to a computer game or a favorite application in the phone.

In the process, the gamer checks the volatility of games. He gets a feel for the quantitative and qualitative parameters. The gambler can in demo mode to understand whether the game suits him or stop the choice on another option. He will study the degree of risk of losing his own money, as well as his chances of winning. To understand these criteria is enough to make about 20 bets.

Playing for real money allows you to realize the studied tactics and test them in action. The gambler deposits his own finances and makes a bet. When winning, he withdraws his earnings to his card.

Also, the version requires registration. The user must confirm the fact of adulthood. This condition is observed by all international gaming organizations. It can be passed in several ways.

The gambler only needs to enter:

  • E-mail address; 
  • Account data in social networks; 
  • Phone number. 

After that, the user receives a welcome bonus and implements his own tactics.

Demo version of Balloon Slot by Smartsoft Gaming

Practice in demo mode is a key factor for winning! Playing in demo Balloon must be mandatory for easy mastering of the game and rules. To find free demo version, you should use official sources. The provider has posted the crash on its website and announced it to online casinos.

It is recommended to use:

  • Pin up; 
  • 1win; 
  • 1xbet; 
  • Mostbet. 

Choosing an official gaming club guarantees fairness of rounds and withdrawal of winnings. They also offer various conditions in the form of a starting bonus. A distinctive feature of the demo placement method is the conditional unit. Choosing the official site of Smartsoft Gaming as a source, the gambler plays on the DMO. The developer offers only the English version of games.

It is easy to find it on the official site. It is necessary on the main page to go to the XGAMES section. The user chooses to play demo balloon and press play. Before that, he must make a bet. The field for its placement is located at the bottom of the screen.

It can amount to:

  • 0,1; 
  • 0,2; 
  • 0,5; 
  • 1; 
  • 2; 
  • 5; 
  • 10. 

The gamer can study the crash statistics. There is a choice of viewing individual and total results. Own can be viewed by pressing the My win button, the total – Top win. Next to the launch key is located and withdrawal of winnings.

On top of the gambler will see the account balance. Next to the key to exit to full screen mode. The user can try the proposed tactics. They have significant differences.

The gamer carries out the minimum bet. In case of loss, she raises it to the next value. The process of raising should be carried out until the moment of winning. This allows you to recoup the money spent and not to drain the budget.

There is also an opposite strategy. The transition to the next amount is carried out only after winning. The user puts the minimum deposit. In case of loss, it remains in the same equivalent.

To aggressive methods refers to the strategy of increasing the kush in 3 times. The process takes place only after winning. The idea involves increasing the amount in the bankroll at the end of the round in 3-fold already after 1 won round.

An interesting strategy is to increase the bets by 1 step. The gambler puts the minimum deposit. In the case of an unsuccessful attempt, an increase of 1 level is made. With a successful outcome in 1 round, the amount remains the same. In case of an unsuccessful attempt after winning, it is necessary to reduce the bet by 1 unit.

Some use the Fibonacci sequence. The idea behind the process is to start the process with small amounts. They are increased only after a successful outcome. Otherwise, the size remains the same. In the end, the amount in the bankroll increases.

You can try the system of cancelation. The essence is to increase after a loss. Express bets are designed to increase the amounts after winning by 1 unit.


The game is exciting. If you choose the right strategy, you can make a lot of money. The free version will allow you to learn how to get $800 00$ with a bet of $800. The developer has provided various methods of protection. Crash is impossible to hack. Predicting the moment of explosion of the main game tool is also impossible. The process is controlled by a random number generator.

So, friends, we have worked out the main points of Balloon game in demo mode. This is a great opportunity to practice and feel the game without risking real money.

As they say, before you swim down a rough river, it’s better to swim in a pool. And so it is here – first practice in demo mode, and then play for real money.

And remember, friends, the main thing in gambling is to win! Do not try to break the big score at once or win back after a loss. Then you will have a positive attitude and enjoy the game.

In general, good luck to you and let your luck be good! But do not forget that the main prize is your emotions and positive impressions. And the money will come if you are wise and careful.

Ballon Slot Demo, Questions and Answers

Can I play demo without registration?

Ballon demo does not require registration. It is required only for adults and real money bets. The gambler enters the official website or the application. On the main screen there is a button to select the version. When you press it, the corresponding mode is launched.

Is it worth playing in the demo version of balloon or immediately for real money is better?

Experienced gamblers advise to start exactly with the demo. Without a choice of tactics, the beginner is in danger of a quick drain. Only after losing many combinations, you can develop your own strategy and put your own capital.

You should not be afraid of losing coins. Each tactic should be tested several times and understand its idea.

Where is it better to play the demo version on mobile or PC?

There is no difference in the interface. Playing on a mobile device is necessary to be able to play without being tied to a PC and at a convenient time. It is not necessary to be at home. You can play a balloon demo on the bus or while waiting in line. The more the user learns the more chances not to drain the initial capital.

Can I withdraw money won in demo mode?

The game in Ballon demo is played with virtual money. They are not available for withdrawal. Their purpose is for beginners to understand the essence of games. They give you the opportunity to learn tactics or develop your own strategy.

Coins in demo mode are located on a special account. They can be spent even by gamblers who have not reached the age of majority.

Do I need to download the demo version?

The demo is available in all official gaming clubs. The application itself can not be downloaded to your phone. In order to play ballon for free you need to go to the official website of the online casino or to the app store. The function is available to Android and iOS users. In them, the download button is located. The gambler independently chooses a convenient way of games.

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