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Balloon Game FAQ

Balloon is a popular online game. Smartsoft Gaming specializes in releasing crashes for operators. Its distinctive feature is the prediction of the moment when a bursting balloon explodes. In a short period of time it is possible to acquire a large winnings.

Balloon games for money, how to win?

To start gameplay must be registered in the application or on the website of the gambling club. Creating an account is possible in several ways.

The newcomer is invited to enter:

  • E-mail address;
  • Account data in social networks;
  • Phone number.

After registration, the newcomer receives a welcome bonus. Each club provides individual conditions. The gambler is offered to make a deposit to an individual account. Deposit is available from an e-wallet, bank card, cryptocurrency, electronic vouchers.

The currency of deposit is selected when registering an account. You can deposit money only from your personal account. The use of third-party data is impossible. The transaction is carried out instantly.

When asking the question: Balloon how to win, you can give an unambiguous answer. To increase the possibility of getting a positive result, it is necessary to apply various strategies. To choose the most correct solution, they are tested in demo mode. It is free of charge and does not oblige you to replenish your account.

Balloon game, the best system?

The gamer is recommended to study the statistics. It is located on the left side of the screen. The demo is intended for developing your own strategy or testing existing ones.

How to predict the game?

It is impossible to predict the outcome. The explosion takes place at any moment. A random number generator is responsible for this process. It is only recommended to understand which balloon strategy is better.

How to play Balloon

Beginners often ask the question: how to play balloon. The answer is simple. There is an interactive machine and a balloon in front of it, which inflates it. The balloon explodes at an unexpected moment. This process occurs immediately after the balloons start or after inflating it to a giant size. The more it inflates, the more multiplier pops up on the screen. This increases the amount of winnings.

The gamer makes a bet at the bottom of the screen and press play. The button is presented in purple color with a drawn hand. There is an activation of the pump, which inflates the balloon. The process is accompanied by the growth of the coefficient, which affects the growth of the bet. The main goal is to press the stop button before the explosion. Otherwise, the balloon will burst and the bet amount will be burned.

Balloon games online, where?

Beginners do not know where to play balloon. The online slot is presented in official gambling clubs.

These include:

  • Pin up;
  • 1win;
  • 1xbet;
  • Mostbet.

In the bookmaker’s office Mostbet game is located in the section of mini-games for money. Gambling club issues a starting bonus, which reaches up to 250 USD. The amount of cashback is 10%. The office provides a wide range of deposit methods and withdrawal methods.

1xBet is the most popular resource. On the site of the gaming club there is a tab with games from Smartsoft Gaming. There is also 2 method of search. It is necessary to enter the name of the gameplay in the search bar.

In 1WIN the game is presented on the page of mini-games. PinUP is not different from its brethren. The online casino offers as a welcome bonus up to 250 USD and 250 free attempts.

What is the maximum Balloon bet size?

The maximum size is 80 USD. The winning amount reaches up to x100.

What is the minimum percentage on the bet in the game Balloon?

The size of the minimum is 1 USD.

How to hack Balloon?

Many are chasing easy money and wonder how to hack balloon. Hacking is impossible. The security service prevents attempts of third-party interference. It is also inadmissible to influence the results. Winning occurs thanks to a random number generator. This guarantees the integrity of the game.

Balloon Casino, what is the best strategy?

How should you play balloon to avoid losing all your money at once? It is recommended to start the process with a small investment. Produce its increase from the moment you get into the essence. Experienced gamers pay attention to the size of the main game tool. Inflating is recommended to stop until the moment of reaching the maximum value.

Withdraw the winnings should be immediately. Otherwise, you can get carried away by the process and lose everything. There are several strategies. The player independently chooses the one he likes.

The gamer makes a bet of 1 USD. In case of loss, it is raised to 5 USD. The process of raising occurs until the moment of winning. This allows you to recoup the money spent.

There is also a reverse strategy. Doubling is made only after achieving a win. The player puts 1 USD. In case of loss, the bet remains in the same equivalent.

To aggressive methods includes the strategy of doubling the kush. The process takes place only after winning. The idea involves increasing the amount in the bankroll at the end of the round.

An interesting strategy is to increase bets by 1 step. The player puts 1 USD. In the case of an unsuccessful attempt is an increase of 1 unit. With a successful outcome in round 1, the amount remains the same. Decrease will occur on a larger amount.

Some players use the Fibonacci sequence. The idea behind the process is to start the process with small amounts. Their increase occurs only after a successful outcome. Otherwise, the size remains the same. As a result, the amount in the bankroll increases.

The gamer can try the system of cancelation. The essence is to increase after a loss. Express bets are designed to increase the amounts after winning by 1 unit.

Balloon game for money download, how?

Creating an account is possible with a tablet or smartphone. Dowload is only possible for online casinos. Dowload is available for Android and iOS on the official website of the gaming club. Balloon as a standalone application is impossible to download to your phone. The answer to the question: how to download balloon is simple. You need to go to the app store and start downloading for free.

Balloon game demo, how to enter?

The demo is available on the provider’s official website and in all official casinos. It allows you to learn different strategies, test them in reality and win. How to enter the demo balloon? To select, you need to click on the appropriate button and start playing. There are no real winnings in this version.

Is there an automatic game?

The manufacturer does not offer an automatic feature.

Balloon Game, are there any freebets and bonuses??

Collecting the multiplier reflected on the screen until the balloon bursts opens the bonus round. The gambler gets 10,15 or 20 rounds. They are not so profitable, but allow you to win back.

During the game can appear a ball of gold or black color. He explodes and the bonus round is launched. In it, the player chooses one of several balloons. In each is a prize. It is presented in the form of: multiplier 2, advance, credit.

The provider offers a multiplier function. It is able to increase the amount of the prize by 7303%. When activating the multiplier function on the screen lights up 3 bulbs. They show values equal to 2x to 10x. This function can be triggered at any time. The winnings are increased by a randomly selected amount.

Is the Balloon Game real or a scam?

Official online casinos present only verified slot machines on their sites. SmartSort Gaming is a reputable software provider. It is characterized by its extensive experience in the market of high quality and innovative games.

Balloon winnings, how do I withdraw?

In order to withdraw money, you need to undergo verification. The process involves providing proof of identity.

What are the advantages?

The game has a large number of advantages. It differs significantly from slot machines.

The main ones are:

  • Lack of jackpot and additional levels;
  • High volatility;
  • Large selection of bets;
  • RTP 97%.

The absence of reels, symbols and prize combinations simplifies the rules. This attracts not only sophisticated gamblers, but also beginners.

Can I withdraw bonus money?

Bonuses are accrued to stimulate the gamer to play for real money. They save their own funds, but they need to be wagered with real investments. Bonuses are credited to a special account unavailable for withdrawal.

Is it realistic to win a lot?

At a bet of 8000 USD a gamer can win up to 800 000 USD.

From what age can I play?

The game is available for users who have reached the age of majority. After passing the registration, the gamer must make a real bet. This he can do when confirming his 18 years of age.


So, friends, we have reviewed all the aspects of the fascinating online game Balloon, developed by SmartSoft Gaming. This unusual crash slot machine, where you need to stop the inflating balloon in time to prevent it from bursting, has already gained popularity among gambling fans all over the world!

In this article we have tried to give answers to the most common questions, and we have also considered the main advantages of Balloon – high volatility, lack of complex rules, possibility of big winnings. We have also analyzed different strategies of the game to help you choose the best tactics. We have tried to explain all the nuances of the game in an understandable way and give you valuable tips on how to play successfully.

We found out in which popular online casinos Balloon Slot is available – Mostbet, Parimatch, 1WIN and Pin-Up. We have briefly told you about their bonus programs so that you can start playing profitably.

Finally, we wish you good luck and a responsible approach to gambling. Remember that Balloon, like any other slot machine, does not guarantee consistent winnings. Manage your bankroll and your time in the game, do not give in to emotions. Then Balloon will become not only entertainment for you, but also a source of additional income. We wish you a pleasant and exciting time!

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