Balloon game reviews from real players

Balloon Real Player Reviews

Friends, who said that slots are boring and monotonous? Today we are going to tell you about the game, after which you will definitely change your opinion! About this casino slot machine people write and talk differently. Some of them express a positive opinion, others – a negative one. But mostly there are good reviews about Balloon Slot.

Balloon game for money reviews

Many players write in reviews that Balloon is a bright, dynamic and unusual slot machine from the famous provider SmartSoft Gaming. 

What makes it so unusual?

  • Instead of boring drums, this slot machine has a playing field in the shape of a balloon!
  • The balloon can burst at any time, keeping you in suspense and giving you the feeling of excitement!
  • Animation, sound and effects – all at the highest level!

95% of players say that playing Balloon Slot is a pleasure. The game play is dynamic, bright and exciting. From the first spins you will be drawn into the holiday atmosphere. You will want to jump and squeal with delight along with the growing coefficient and bursting balloon ๐Ÿ™‚

Balloon Casino reviews and why you should give it a try

So why is Balloon a good choice? Let’s take a look at the main advantages that we have noted in most of the reviews written.

Unusual gameplay

We’ve already talked about it – instead of drums there’s a giant colorful balloon that is inflated but can burst at any moment. Such a mechanic will grab you from the first seconds and will not let go until the end.

Dazzling graphics and animation

The slot machine is made in bright and juicy colors. Colorful graphics, smooth animation, effects – everything is on the highest level. It’s a pleasure to play!

High RTP

Friends, we remind you that RTP is the return percentage of a slot machine, which shows what percentage of money is returned to players on average. Balloon has a 96% RTP, which is above the industry average. So the odds of winning here are very good! 

Mobile Version

According to the reviews, Balloon Slot is fully adapted for mobile devices. You can play whenever and wherever it suits you – on the road, at work, at home in bed. And the game looks great on any device – be it a smartphone or a tablet.

Key features of the Balloon Slot

๐ŸŽˆ TopicsBalloon
โญ• Game typeSlot with unconventional playing field (instead of reels – inflating balloon)
๐Ÿ‘ RTP96% (above average)
๐Ÿ“ฑ Mobile versionGot it, fully customized
๐Ÿ’ฐ Maximum winningsNot limited
๐Ÿ’ต BetsFrom $1 to $100 
๐ŸŽ BonusesFreespins, doubling your winnings
๐Ÿ–ผ Graphics and animationBright, colorful HD graphics

Where you can play Balloon?

Interested in this unusual slot machine? Here’s a list of the top online casinos where you can try your luck with Balloon:

  • 1win.
  • Pin-Up.
  • Mostbet.
  • 1xbet.
๐ŸŽฐ Casino๐ŸŽ Bonus๐Ÿ’ต Min. deposit๐Ÿ˜Œ Withdrawal of funds
1win100% on the first deposit$1No commission
Pin-Up125% + 20 freespins$10Commission 1-2%
Mostbet100% ะดะพ $500.$5No commission
Parimatch 200% + 100 freespins$100Commission of 1%

All of these facilities are licensed, reliable, and have excellent reputations. Reviews about these establishments are positive.

Friends, if you are tired of monotonous slots with drums, then Balloon is just what you need! Bright, dynamic game with a lot of positive emotions. Exciting gameplay, great visual effects, high RTP – what is there not to try your luck?

We recommend that you play this slot machine in one of the reliable online casinos. We are sure you will not regret it! Although opinions about Balloon Slot by smartsoft gaming are divided. Mostly users write positive and laudatory reviews about the game, while negative reviews about it only those who did not understand the slot or wanted to win without using strategies and blew the entire budget. However, in general, good reviews from playing for real money prevail. The main thing is to approach the case with intelligence and the right strategy.

Balloon game reviews, real user reviews


First read Balloon game for money usa reviews and then already in other languages. Started tapping in Balloon about a month ago. First entertained myself on the computer, and then moved to a smartphone. From the phone to click more convenient. Money winnings are stable.


When I first found slot, I didn’t like it. The gameplay seemed too banal and uninteresting. Made a few bets and got involved. In fact, it is a gambling thing, although simple in design and gameplay. I advise all beginners to try.


I was attracted to “Balloon” from the moment it appeared in the catalog of the bookmaker’s office, where I have long been registered (I will not write the name, or it will be considered for advertising). Always went to the slot through the browser. The game itself is fun, fun, but the constant blocking of mirrors tiresome. Almost every time I had to look for a new link. A couple of months ago I decided to switch completely to a smartphone. I downloaded the application for free from the official site of the gambling club and installed it on Android without any problems. Now I can go in at any moment and stagger to Balloon. Balloon game reviews are mostly positive, and mine is no exception!


Learned about the existence of Balloon from the reviews. Now I go in to inflate a balloon, but I haven’t become a fan of the game. I like crash slots better. They show the growth of the coefficient. Balloon, on the other hand, shows the amount that increases when you inflate the balloon. In fact, these features are equivalent. But I am more used to seeing the first variant.


Since childhood I am fond of various online games. I used to love MORPGs, but when I grew up, there was no time left for such fun. I switched to various browser games and slots, which are offered by modern casinos. “Balloon” is among them. This is a very simple game that does not take a lot of time. I usually go into it during work breaks.


I recently learned about such a funny thing as Balloon. The principle of the game is simple: make a bet online at least 1 USD. and press the button. From that moment the balloon starts to inflate, and the deposited amount starts to grow. Then you release the button and, voila, you get money. With a careful approach I can win quite well.


Simple, but gambling slot. You can win a good amount of money, but there is a risk of losing everything. I also like that the game is fair, because it works on the principle of random. Balloon game for money reviews I have only positive, definitely will continue to play more and win!


I have been playing for about half a year. I don’t aim to earn money in the slot at all. I come in to spend my free time, to feel the adrenaline.


There are many reviews about Balloon from real players who have played the game for money or for free, so I decided to leave my own. I do not play to make money. Threw a few months ago $ 100. So far this amount has not burned. It decreases or increases. But I do not use any strategies. I just have fun for the sake of getting emotions.


I find the slot a bit boring, but in principle, it will do. After work I don’t really want to bother with some games. In Balloon you can just quietly stomp.


In the slot participants have a choice – to play for real money or for points without investment in the demo version. I am currently interested in the second option. Trying different approaches, because I read in the reviews of the slot Balloon that you can play with the purpose of earning and get a good income.


In the online game I go to distract myself from everyday problems. And it really helps me in this.


I’m not very lucky in the balloon. I play at zero. Well, at least not in the minus. In reviews about Balloon Smartsoft Gaming I read that strategies are important. I plan to start studying them, because many people win, but I have not yet succeeded.


You can’t make money with Balloon without a competent approach. I know this from my own experience. Sometimes you get excited and forget everything, you start to act rashly. That’s when players make mistakes. You cannot give in to your emotions. You must always evaluate the game situation soberly, weigh the potential benefits and risks, understand the probability of the coefficient can work and already based on this to act. Reviews on the game Balloon from real players to read interesting and useful, often share their strategies for the game.

Balloon game reviews, comments from real people with achieved results


I learned about Balloon from a close friend. One day I lost my job, and he started calling me to this game, saying that even with a small investment it’s easy to make a profit. At first I did not believe it, but decided to try. Threw in the casino 10 USD. and started with the minimum bet. Was winning, sometimes losing, but in general played in the plus. For a month accumulated 20 thousand USD, which is quite good for me. Already withdrew this amount. There were no problems with the casino. Only required to pass verification of the account.


When I started playing, did not believe in the honesty of the slot. I read reviews about the game Balloon, which said: casinos tweak the results, do not withdraw money, block accounts. I wanted to check everything on my own experience. I chose a site, registered, deposited 1 thousand USD. After 3 hours, the amount on the balance was already 2 thousand USD. I did not experiment further and applied for withdrawal to check how the withdrawal works. In 24 hours the money was credited to the card. I did not notice any fraudulent actions. Although it is possible that I got an honest casino.


Win quite realistic. I, for example, quite often lucky. The largest withdrawal from the casino was 10 thousand USD. This amount included winnings from different machines. Sometimes I played in the classic sevens, in the airplane, but mostly spent time in Balloon.


My friend weekly withdraws about 5 thousand USD. I was lucky once. I won 7 thousand USD. Mostly I lose. This is partly due to my character. I always want to get the maximum and in a short period of time. I always take risks for the sake of a phantom profit, without thinking about the consequences. But losses do not upset me much. The emotions I get are more important.


As soon as Balloon appeared, I immediately started playing it. But with the first casino I was not lucky. Behind the catchy name, loud promises and interesting slots hid a fraudulent organization. Invested money I lost and winnings could not withdraw. To the choice of the second casino approached more responsibly. Studied reviews, looked for information about the license. Now withdraw money honestly. Every month I withdraw 2-3 thousand USD. At the same time I rarely play. I do not make additional investments. As the starting amount on deposit, so it is spinning, bringing income.


For a long time I played every day. It turned out like this: one day I won, and the next day I lost. Now I go to the slot with an interval of 1-2 days. This is personally my tactic. Losing has become much less. Every month I come out in the plus and withdraw 4-10 thousand USD.


I always thought that the casino cheat. But recently I was convinced of the opposite when I started playing ballooning. I win often, although without losses do not do without. Yesterday withdrew 10 thousand USD. This amount accumulated for about 3-4 days. From the casino normally withdrawn. Payment is not blocked.

Balloon casino game reviews, opinions on earning opportunity


In reviews about the game for money with Balloon Balloon can often read that in entertainment establishments reigns deception. But about this you can argue. I have been a casino employee for the last 2 years. I know that applications are developed by third party providers. The casino can’t hack and reconfigure someone else’s product. And modern slots are mostly based on a random number generator. Hacking makes no sense at all. Balloon just refers to such games, which means that the gameplay is fair, and the possibility of earning money is there.


For about 10 years now, I have been playing a wide variety of slots in casinos. “Balloon” is among my favorite entertainment. In this game there is an opportunity to earn money. I myself often won and saved money on deposit. In the honesty of the slot I do not doubt, since it is based on the principle of randomness. But in practice you can notice that most often the rounds end with low odds. Therefore, when making money, I advise you not to take risks and catch the minimum multipliers.


Earning in an online game is possible. Numerous reviews about Balloon Game Play confirm this. Yes, I myself for several months in a row withdrew money only from here. For beginners, I recommend using tactics with minimal risks. Make small bets and after a few seconds take your winnings. Yes, the profit will be small, but losses will be rare.

The Bottom Line

The main advantage of the Balloon SmartSoft Gaming slot machine is the unusual gameplay that uses an inflatable balloon instead of traditional reels. This adds intrigue and excitement as the balloon can burst at any moment. In addition, the game features bright, colorful graphics, smooth animation and sound effects.

On the other hand, some people say that the game is quite simple and can get boring quickly. Someone considers the winnings to be unstable and small.

In general, most reviews about this slot machine are positive. Many people like the dynamic gameplay and positive atmosphere of Balloon. However, there are those who found the slot boring or too easy.

As far as the earning potential is concerned, opinions differ. Some of them win constantly and a lot, and others think that the winnings are small and rare. In any case, to make a profit you need a competent approach and strategy.

In general, Balloon is a bright and unusual slot that is worth trying at least for the sake of getting positive emotions. With the right tactics, it can also provide a stable income.

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