How to play Balloon

How to play Balloon

When diving into the online game Balloon from Smartsoft Gaming recalls childhood. At that time, many of us liked to inflate balloons, but were afraid at this point to make an extra exhale, because any balloon could suddenly burst. In Game Balloon the task is exactly the same as it was in our childhood. You need to inflate the balloon and stop in time. A slight delay, and it will burst, and with it will be lost the bet made. If the balloon remains intact, then the winnings are assured. In this case, the amount received can be 100 times more than the original bet.

Balloon game for money, how to win

Beginners often ask how to play in Balloon and be on the plus side. To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand the interface. In it, everything is intuitive. At the bottom of the screen is offered to choose a bet from the specified amounts. Above is a yellow balloon, which is to be inflated. From it goes a tube that connects to a large purple button on the right.

To start the game, you need to select the bet at the bottom of the screen by clicking on it and press the purple button on the right. The balloon will start to inflate. In the center will be displayed its cost taking into account the bet made. To finish, you need to release the button. If the balloon does not burst at that moment, the winnings in the amount of the sum indicated on the balloon will be automatically credited to the balance. If the balloon bursts, however, the participant will receive nothing.

Tips for those who want to be on the plus side but don’t know how to win at Balloon:

1. Do not bet your entire bank. The optimal size of the bet is no more than 10% of the money capital on the game account;

2. Keep the excitement in check and do not let it rule you. Emotions can cloud your eyes, entail rash actions and loss of money;

3. Try not to sit for long periods of time on the Internet game. Prolonged stay in it gradually deteriorates attention and reaction speed. Divide your gaming time into several periods and take breaks in between.

Balloon game strategy, for one bet

Strategy in gambling entertainment is a special scheme with which you can increase your overall winnings and minimize the risk of losing. In the Balloon slot you can use 3 main tactics – the least and moderate risk, as well as the maximum risky. It is better to use them not separately, but in combination with each other.

Balloon Strategy, Low-Risk Tactics

The essence is quite simple. The player simply tap on low odds (up to 1.5). The advantage of the tactic – you can win more often. These multipliers work more often than 1.5 or more.


  • At paltry online bets, the income is negligible;
  • When you lose, it takes a long time to get back the money you spent;
  • Sometimes rounds end almost instantly, so even a low-risk tactic may not save you from draining your entire bankroll.

Balloon is a moderate risk tactic

By applying a medium-risk strategy in the Balloon game, a player can make the process more effective and exciting. All that is required is to catch the odds online from 1.5, or better from 2.0.

The probability of game outcomes with such indicators is equal to about 40%. Accordingly, losses are fixed in 60% of cases. To make the tactic profitable, it is best to use it after completing a couple of rounds at the lowest possible odds.

Balloon earning strategy, fast but risky

It is not intended to be used on a regular basis, as its essence is to catch odds from 50.0. If unsuccessful, this tactic can deprive the bankroll. But if you are lucky, you can make a good score. At the same time, the bigger the bet, the bigger the winnings.

Balloon game tactics, conclusions

Balloon strategies can be useful in the gameplay, but they do not guarantee that a particular gambler will be able to play in the plus. This is, after all, a gambling slot. It is important not to forget that:

  • The ball can burst at any time, and this moment is impossible to predict and anticipate;
  • The gaming process is not controlled by the provider or the casino itself, which once again proves the randomness and honesty of the results;
  • It is impossible to find any regularity, to make mathematical calculations, as the game does not include formulas, basic values.


So, there is nothing complicated about the Balloon Machine. It will be easily understood even by the person who is far from such entertainment and casinos. An important nuance – there are no complicated rules. This is undoubtedly a plus for those who do not want to be bothered and just want to relax without burdening their brain with unnecessary information. Besides, you can actually make money with this game. You just need to never rush, follow Balloon’s tactics, or at least make reasonable bets.

Balloon is a very easy and intuitive game to play. Tap on a balloon, inflate it to the right size and stop it in time – what could be easier? It’s almost like going back to our childhood when we used to blow up balloons for fun.

Despite its simplicity, Balloon is still a game of chance. It is impossible to predict the result 100% – the balloon can burst at any moment. Therefore, there is an element of risk involved.

But there is a chance to try your luck! Especially if you catch a high coefficient. The adrenaline is through the roof!

The main thing is to play wisely and enjoy the process. Balloon is also a great way to spend your free time.

We recommend you to try this game at least once!


Although the slot is simple, you should not be in a hurry to dive into the online game. Hurry usually does not lead to positive results. Before you start playing, let’s familiarize ourselves with the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Where to download this online game?

The game is not distributed as it is essentially a browser-based game. It can only be accessed from casino sites that cooperate with the Smartsoft Gaming provider.

Can I win at Balloon?

Yes. This is confirmed by user reviews as well as information from the provider. According to the developer’s statements, the RTP (return percentage) is 95.5-98.0% (this figure indicates how many bets the gambler will be able to return in the long term). Only thing to keep in mind is that there is no guaranteed way to win.

What is the best approach for playing Balloon?

In any business, a positive result depends on the presence of experience. This is also true for the game, so the best approach is to practice regularly at the initial stage. They will allow you to learn how to react instantly, how to show composure.

Of course, it is best to train in the real version of the online slot, making minimal bets. But if there is no opportunity to play for real money, you can start familiarizing yourself with the game with its demo version. By the way, there you can test tactics for the Balloon game for free without any restrictions, without worrying about the balance. No real money is used in the demo.

Are 2 simultaneous bets allowed?

Many online games of a similar format have the option of double internet betting. However, there is nothing of the sort in Balloon slot from Smartsoft Gaming. It is not possible to place a pair of bets for a single round.

How to predict the outcomes of the Balloon game?

This is a completely unpredictable online slot, as it is powered by a random number generator. The outcome of the game mainly depends on the user’s intuition and the turn of events.

At what odds is it better to tap and take the winnings?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. The choice of odds depends on what purpose the gambler pursues. If you just want to play, distract yourself from the daily hustle and try your luck, it is more interesting to wait for high multipliers. For those who plan to earn, the ideal option will be to tap on low values. They, as practice shows, have maximum passability.

The best strategy to win Balloon?

Experienced gamblers advise beginners to make small bets and stop the gameplay at low odds, and when losing – double the amounts sent on the line.

How much money do I need at the start?

At the start it is enough to have 10-50 USD. People who just want to get acquainted with the game can deposit less. The minimum bet is 1 USD.

Should I play without using strategies?

A participant can refuse to use any schemes in Balloon. If luck is on his side, it will not matter what tactical approach to the game was used.

How do I take the big odds at Balloon?

You simply need to place your bets and be patient. High multipliers are regularly fixed, but in the moments of their appearance there are no regularities, interrelationships. There are situations when you manage to catch the right odds several times in a row, and sometimes you have to wait.

How to increase your chances of winning?

Try experimenting with tactics, but even when using them there is no 100% guarantee of winning. Of course, the approach to online gambling is important, but the result is mostly influenced by luck.

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